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Greater Manchester Breast Screening Programme (GMBSP) invites around 60,000 women from across the Greater Manchester region each year for screening.

Once every three years, all women between the ages of 50 and 70 (up to 71st birthday) will be routinely invited. Invitations are sent out automatically, so it is important to make sure your details are correct at your GP practice.

We aim to provide and promote an efficient and effective, high quality breast screening service, to all eligible women within a caring environment.

For every 500 women screened 1 life will be saved

The Greater Manchester Breast Screening Programme is part of the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

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You can manage your screening appointment online and if we have your mobile number, we will also send you a text reminder a few days before your appointment is due.

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Why we screen
Why breast screening is so important

One in seven women will develop breast cancer at some time in their life. Early detection may mean simpler and more successful treatment.

Why we screen

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What is mammography?
About breast screening

Breast screening mammography is an x-ray exam of the breasts to detect cancer at a very early stage.

About mammography

What to expect at a screening appointment

Frequently asked questions

Where we screen
Screening information

Screening takes place, for women aged 50 - 70 (up to 71st birthday), at one of our static units at Withington Community Hospital and Oldham Integrated Care Centre, or at one of the four mobile units. The mobile units move around the area staying at each site for a few months.

Who we screen

Where we screen

When we screen

Health Professionals
Health Professionals
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For GPs: You will be contacted by the programme approximately six weeks before screening starts for eligible women at your practice. You will be sent a pack containing information about the activity for the practice at the previous screening round along with a request for information from you about any women who may not be eligible for screening.
We have Cancer Screening Improvement Leads based within the programme who are available for sessions to help with improving uptake for the practice. We would encourage you to contact them before undertaking any uptake initiatives so that they can help and inform.

For any training queries please go to - the National Breast Imaging Academy website.

The programme also works with Answer Cancer to improve awareness and engagement with breast screening. Please see the Answer Cancer website for more information.

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Please click here, to view our latest information video which gives more details of the screening process and may answer any questions you may have on our service,

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